Engine maintenance is one of the things car owners should never compromise on. If you observe your car engine struggling to accelerate, stalling, or worse, failing; look for car engine repair services in Dubai immediately. It is important to diagnose and address engine issues at an early stage as ignoring them, regardless of how insignificant they may seem, can result in a catastrophic engine failure.

Some of the most common car engine problems to watch out for are –

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Most Common Car Engine Problems

Engine overheating 

Nothing is as scary for a car owner as suddenly observing a temperature gauge venturing into the red. When a car engine touches a certain temperature, various parts can start to seize, score, or warp, which is catastrophic in the automotive terms. An overheated engine is often caused due to cooling system failure, faulty belts or hoses, failing water pump, and radiator issues. 

Unless you aren’t an expert auto technician, you may not be able to identify what is causing your vehicle to overheat. It is therefore best to have a car engine repair expert in Dubai look into your engine issues and fix them.

The car wouldn’t start 

The car not starting is a common problem faced by car owners from time to time. Typically, battery issues are responsible for this problem, such as the battery failing to hold charge, weak or dead battery, or loose battery terminals. Besides, factors such as lousy starter motor, bad fuel pump, defective ignition switch, and charging system issues can also prevent your car from starting like it normally does.

Engine stalling

If your car engine stalls while driving, chances are that one or more engine components are malfunctioning. Driving a stalling car is risky as it can stop in the middle of a busy road anytime. Typically, engine stalling is caused due to lousy spark plugs, clogged fuel filters, weak fuel pumps, and fuel delivery issues. Although the causes may not be necessarily engine related, they do impact the engine significantly. The best way to have the actual issue diagnosed and addressed is to contact a certified car engine repair professional in Dubai.

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Leaking engine coolant

Engine coolant is an essential fluid in a vehicle that should always be kept at the recommended level to ensure proper engine cooling. Diagnosing leaking engine coolant isn’t difficult like most other engine issues. If the engine coolant level keeps getting low even after you top it up, the coolant is most likely leaking. 

Engine coolant can leak from your car’s radiator, radiator hoses, thermostat housing, water jackets, and water pump. Sometimes, it can leak into the engine as well because of burnt head gasket. 

Faulty water pump

The coolant does not circulate on its own. There is a water pump in the coolant system that pushes the coolant around the working engine. In case the water pump stops functioning properly, the coolant flow gets disrupted resulting in overheating issues. 

One of the parts of a water pump to watch out for is the impeller, which is a spinning fan-like component responsible for pushing the coolant through the passages of your coolant system. Issues arise when a worn-out or old impeller stops rotating due to blockage or other reasons. Without the flow of coolant, the engine temperature quickly rises. To repair or replace the faulty water pump, you must contact a reliable auto technician with expertise in handling such issues.

Stem or smoke from the engine

Smoke or stem from the engine is nothing but bad news. The reasons for this could be many, including lousy cylinders, worn gaskets, wrong oil grade, defective rings, and crankcase issues. If you encounter this problem, look for car engine repair services in Dubai to get it fixed immediately. 

Strange engine noises

If you notice your car engine sound changing to a ticking or rattling sound, something is most likely wrong with the engine. It could mean that you have bent valves, loose timing chain, or serious internal engine problems. Ignoring these strange noises could worsen the problem. Hence, you should have an expert technician fix it before it turns into a bigger problem.

Smoke from the exhaust

White, blue, or grey colored smoke coming out of the exhaust tailpipe indicates engine issues. The reasons for excessive grey or blue smoke from the exhaust could be worn valve guides, defective piston rings, high oil consumption, and lousy crankcase ventilation. On the other hand, while smoke could result due to broken head gaskets. 

Engine misfire

If you have had that stalled feeling for a second when driving your car as if it died a little – you know what having an engine misfire feels like. This common engine issue is typically caused due to worn spark plugs, lousy sensors, and fuel delivery problems. Irrespective of whether the engine misfire is minor or serious, you must get it fixed immediately with the help of an expert auto technician.

Do not put off engine repair if you ever suspect trouble. In case you notice any of the aforementioned engine issues in your car, bring it to DME Auto Repairing where you can rest assured that it will get the care and attention it truly deserves. We have a dedicated team of factory-certified technicians specializing in all kinds of car engine repair services in Dubai. As Dubai’s leading auto repair and service centre since 2010, we offer top-tier maintenance and repair services at the most competitive prices.

We understand the complexity of cars as well their issues, and also have the expertise to fix them effectively – no matter how daunting they may seem. Stop by our repair and service centre today or schedule your next appointment online. If you want to learn more about our repair and maintenance services, feel free to reach out to us @ 058 150 0875 or 052 990 9075.

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