Land Rover Repair

Here at DME Auto Service, located in Dubai. our staff is friendly and highly-trained when it comes to Land Rovers Repair & Service. Our staff uses the latest automotive service skills and technologies to ensure your Land Rover is quickly fixed and back on the road before you know it. They are waiting to work on your luxury SUV.

Land Rover is synonymous with luxury SUVs that can go anywhere. They combine opulence and engineering in such a way that the brand stands for modern-day luxury like never before. Their off-road prowess is legendary, a benchmark for other luxury off-road vehicles to achieve. There are few brands that offer such flexibility as Land Rover does. When your Land Rover does need maintenance or repair, DME Auto Repairing is here to help.

While Land Rovers have a go-anywhere attitude, some problems can arise. Common Land Rover problems include electrical and mechanical issues. However, proper care and regular maintenance can keep your Land Rover on the road for years to come.

Follow up always for these steps to keep your car maintain well:

  1. Oil Service

Motor oil (fully synthetic oil) keeps all the moving parts of the engine lubricated and working properly. However, because it also traps dirt and sediment, it must be changed regularly every 10,000 KM to make sure it’s clean and works well.

  1. Maintain the cooling system

The cooling system on a Land Rover includes coolant, a water pump, a radiator and the thermostat. They work together to make sure your car doesn’t overheat. Make sure there’s always enough coolant and that the other components are in good repair.

  1. Change the air filter

Air should be able to circulate freely around the engine at all times. A dirty air filter restricts the amount of air getting into the engine block, which will result in poor performance and less power while driving.

  1. Top up the gas

Gas usually contains small amounts of sediment and impurities that settle to the bottom of the tank. Running the engine with the tank low means that this sediment will be pumped into the engine along with the fuel and cause damage. You should also change your fuel filter regularly.

List of Land Rover Repair and services:

• Land Rover Engine repair
• Land Rover Transmission repair
• Land Rover AC repair & service
• Land Rover Bodywork
• Land Rover maintenance and repair
• Land Rover Pre-purchase report
• Land Rover Computer diagnostic and reprogramming
• Land Rover Electrical Repairs
• Land Rover Suspension System repair
• Land Rover Car painting
• Land Rover Steering repair

Repairing Your Land Rover Affordably

When you bring your Land Rover to us, you will be greeted with a friendly and knowledgeable staff of experts and service center employees eager to answer all your Land Rover questions. The next time your Land Rover SUV vehicle needs any repairs or regular maintenance, be sure to think of DME Auto Repairing. Our friendly staff will schedule your next appointment.

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