DME Auto Repairing

Car Engine Oil Change Services in Dubai

Keep your car running its best with a full-service car engine oil change. Regularly scheduled oil changes are the key ingredient to a healthy, strong engine.

Only Quality Engine Oils Here

The quality of the oil and the filters used in your oil change are just as important as regular oil changes. Not all oils will lubricate or flush out particulates as well, while substandard oil filters won’t remove imperfections as well as manufacturer-suggested oils and filters. At DME Auto Service, we use only top-shelf engine oils for superior engine lubrication for your vehicle as per manufacturer recommendation.

During Your Journey with us for Oil Change, An Expert Technicians Service Will including:

  • Change your vehicle’s oil to the best brand of fully synthetic, Semi-Synthetic, high mileage, or whatever your vehicle’s motor, climate and driving style required.
  • Replace Oil Filter
  • Service Air Filter
  • Service AC Filter
  • Replace Drain Plug/Gasket (If Needed)
  • Rotate Tires (If Needed)
  • Check and Adjust Tire Pressure
  • Check Top Up Fluids.
  • Perform Battery Test
  • Free Comprehensive Inspection
  • Free Car Wash & Vacuum.

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