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Certified Rolls Royce Technicians. When you and your friends or family hop into your Rolls-Royce, we want you to experience the same unmatched comfort, style, and reliability as the first day you buckled up. Our team of Bosch car service trained technicians are devoted to keeping your Rolls Royce performing at the same standard as the first day you set eyes on it. Whether it’s premium servicing, repairs or upgrades, our certified technicians ensures that your vehicle remains in the best possible condition.

Our services range from basic minor service, to hydraulic system repair to complete engine rebuilding. Our certifed technicians have the deep expertise and understanding of how vintage and current era automobiles function and how to service them for optimal performance. Whether it is simple maintenance, a complete overhaul of any of a car’s systems, a rebuild of an engine or sorting the electrical systems, we have the expertise. We have the specialized tools and technology to allow us to service and/or repair all major systems of the cars. Through the years, we have learned what parts should be repaired or rebuilt versus those needing to be replaced. This provides maximum value to our clients. We would be honored to service your fine motor car.

Rolls Royce Repair in Dubai

At DME Auto Repairing, we combine the best in Rolls Royce service, computer diagnostics, and repair with our commitment to superior customer care. We perform the following services and offer genuine Rolls Royce parts:

  • Rolls Royce Oil & filter service: Scheduled maintenance
  • Rolls Royce Brake System Repair
  • Rolls Royce Engine Repair
  • Rolls Royce Coolant leak repair
  • Rolls Royce Cylinder Head gasket repair
  • Rolls Royce Air conditioning repair
  • Rolls Royce Electrical repair
  • Rolls Royce Paint & Body Repair
  • Rolls Royce Tires & alignments
  • Rolls Royce Batteries and initializations
  • Rolls Royce Transmission Repair
  • Rolls Royce Programming and network configuration
  • Rolls Royce Suspension Repair
  • Rolls Royce Diagnosis and repair
DME Auto Repairing

Keep your Rolls-Royce at the top of its performance curve and protect its value with regular maintenance, without the hassle of the dealership.

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The environment, climate as well as terrain of Dubai calls for vehicles to be serviced periodically. Given all of these factors, your car needs a caring auto care center such as DME Auto Repair, which are certified experts repair in the field at affordable prices.