Transsimion Repair

Car Transmission Repair Service in Dubai

DME Auto Repair can provide a complete range of automatic gearbox repairs for all makes and models of cars. Our mechanics and engineers have more than 20 years’ experience in repairing and replacing auto gearboxes across the UAE. From our independent garage in Dubai, we can provide reliable automatic gearbox repairs to modern and older vehicles. Thanks to our diagnostic equipment and expertise, we can identify any problems you might experience with an automatic gearbox in the UAE.

Early diagnosis and treatment for transmission issues are key to helping your transmission last as long as possible.

Our Transmission Repair Service Includes:

  • Check Fluids to Assess Condition
  • Transmission Rebuild
  • Check for External Leaks
  • Computerized Transmission Diagnostic
  • Replace Transmission Filter
  • Transmission Fluid Service