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You rely on your car’s brakes for everything from smooth drives to coming to a sudden stop. Not every part of your car’s braking system will wear at the same rate and this makes maintenance extremely important. When you get your brakes serviced or replaced, you want and need it done right. at DME Auto Repairing we guarantee proper brake system service and repairs for cars. Brakes are one of the most important components in your car; Our team offers a variety of car brake repair services to keep you safe.

Some of the Car Brake Related Repair & Service Jobs we are doing:

  • Inspect the Entire Brake System of your Car
  • Brake Pad Replacement
  • Brake Disc Skimming
  • Brake Oil Change / Brake Fluid Change
  • Hand Brake Repair
  • Brake Rotor Replacement
  • Brake Calipers
  • Parking Brake Shoe Replacement
  • Rear Brake shoe Replacement
  • Top-up Brake Fluid
  • Brake Bleeding
  • Brake Light Inspection
  • Brake Drum & Brake Rotor Refinished
  • Genuine Brake Pads


ABS Brake Repair & Service

Be Alert When you see ABS Car (ABS Light ON) in your car dashboard, which needs to be troubleshot by an expert brake technician. We have experienced brake technicians who can diagnose computer-controlled ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) which are found in modern cars. We guarantee all our inspections and recommendations as per the make & model of the car and industry standards.

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The environment, climate as well as terrain of Dubai calls for vehicles to be serviced periodically. Given all of these factors, your car needs a caring auto care center such as DME Auto Repair, which are certified experts repair in the field at affordable prices.