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Timelessly cool since its inception, Porsche represents a higher standard of comfort, performance, and overall status than just about any other car available today.

DME Auto Repairing team have combined experience years, the majority of this spent specialising in service as well as repair of Porsche cars of all ages. The passion of the team extends beyond the day-to-day running for the garage, all of the DME Auto team are Porsche enthusiasts be it repair or service and this shows with the quality of the workmanship put into each and every car.

Drivers have high expectations whenever they get behind the wheel and maintenance plays a large part in the experience that your Porsche gives you. Instead of settling for overpriced trips to the dealership or inexperienced mechanics see why so many drivers throughout Dubai, have turned to the experts at DME AUTO REPAIRING.


At DME Auto Repairing, we handle all of the services your Porsche needs in-house. This allows for the most accurate and highest quality services possible including:

DME Auto Repairing


Using the latest available tools and equipment, our expert mechanics make sure that your Porsche stays 100% original and in peak condition no matter the service or repair needed.

For over 10 years DME Auto Repairing has helped Porsche owners all throughout Dubai area get the best performance possible out of their Porsche cars.

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The environment, climate as well as terrain of Dubai calls for vehicles to be serviced periodically. Given all of these factors, your car needs a caring auto care center such as DME Auto Repair, which are certified experts repair in the field at affordable prices.