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Car Alternator Repair

Car Alternator Repair functions as the heart of the charging system.It produces alternating current (AC), which is converted to Direct Current (DC) by a six diode rectifier. Thus alternator generates the power required to keep the battery fully charged and to operate every electrical unit inside a vehicle.

Symptoms that you can watch to detect any alternator problems:

  • Alternator fails to charge (Indicator light may be on)
  • Low Charging Rate (Battery may be running down)
  • Excessive charging rate (Battery may have water level low)
  • Battery fails to holds charge (or battery may be dead)
  • Alternator Noise

So, to avoid this, you must take to DME Auto Repairing shop to Guide you.

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The environment, climate as well as terrain of Dubai calls for vehicles to be serviced periodically. Given all of these factors, your car needs a caring auto care center such as DME Auto Repair, which are certified experts repair in the field at affordable prices.