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Regular Audi Service Cost

The average Audi maintenance cost is between 350 AED and 900 AED every 15,000 KM for minor maintenance services, including oil, filters, washing, and inspection.

The key to extending the life of an Audi is proper routine maintenance. Your owner’s manual details the recommended KM for specific services, such as having a timing belt replaced. For general vehicle maintenance, Audi recommends you have your car serviced once a year or every 15,000 KM.

Some services may need to be performed more often. Below are five common regular maintenance needs for your Audi.


  1. Audi Brakes

You should check your brakes for wear at least once a year – or twice a year if you drive in a city or notice your brakes take longer to stop. Brake pads generally need to be replaced every 50,000 to 90,000 KM.

  1. Audi Oil Change

Most modern Audi vehicles with synthetic oil can go up to 15,000 KM between oil changes. However, if you do a lot of city driving – stopping and starting at stop signs, lights, and in traffic – you may need your oil changed every 10,000 KM.

  1. Audi Tires

Not only is your car going to perform less efficiently with worn-out tires, but it’s also dangerous. Worn tires with little to no tread or low air pressure are a potential safety concern.

  1. Audi Air Filter

Recommend Air filters are regularly replaced every 15.000 KM. A clean air filter helps keep debris from your engine.

  1. Audi Battery

Test your Audi’s battery every three months or 10,000 KM. When batteries wear out – about every two to three years – you will start to notice your car’s interior lights dim.

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