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How best to keep your Chevrolet looking and feeling like it just came out of the showroom?

When you decide to get a car, it is like investing in a dream that will last a lifetime with routine maintenance. To do this the most effective way, you should partner with a car care expert like DME Auto. Here are some maintenance suggestions for your Chevrolet that can help keep it happy and healthy for your explorations around the UAE.

Your tyres need routine checks 

Maintaining the correct pressure in your tires is essential for the best mileage and preventing tread wear. This is the point when to put it rather literally, the rubber meets the road. Learn how to check the pressure in your tires and adjust the amount of air in them as necessary or take it to a car service expert like DME Auto in Dubai. 

Make sure your engine is lubricated 

It is critical to change your engine’s oil to maintain it in good operating condition and extend its lifespan. Always do a monthly oil check by a car care expert like DME Auto in Dubai.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

It is essential to ensure that the fluid levels in your car are maintained at the appropriate levels to keep it running smoothly. Regarding the upkeep of your car, several fluids are essential; speak to a car maintenance expert to find out more.

Shine your light bright

You never know when you may be driving late at night or embarking on a road trip, your car lights will be critical. Make sure your lights are in good functioning condition to guide you to where you need to go.

Your air filter requires a breath of fresh air 

Your engine’s performance will suffer if it has a filthy air filter since this will enable dirt and other pollutants to enter the engine. At least once every year, you should inspect your vehicle’s air filter and replace it if required.

Brake care is critical 

Because your brakes are the most critical safety element, your Chevrolet’s brake pads must be inspected regularly. Listen carefully for any noise from the brakes while driving, and pay attention to any vibrations you may feel. If you see anything that seems out of the usual with your brakes, you should get in touch with our Car service in Dubai as soon as possible. 

We are known among our clients for our transparency and honest advice regardless of the car size, make or model. 

If you own a Chevrolet in Dubai or any other emirates in the UAE, we invite you to DME Auto, where we take care of your car as though it was our own.