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What should you do to have your Maserati deliver speed like never before?

A Maserati is more than a car; it is literally a dream come true. A car so rich in history and class turns its head as you see the many sights of Dubai. Given how special it is and how critical speed is to its delivery on the road. To assist you in your journey to care for your Maserati so that it gives you speed like never before, here are 4 preventative maintenance suggestions.

Routine interior deep cleans

Cleaning the exterior is as critical as is too deep clean the interiors. It is critical at least once every season to thoroughly clean the inside of your automobile. You may hire a professional like DME Auto who specializes in cleaning as well as maintaining your car. Use only the finest car repair experts in Dubai to guarantee that the upholstery is not harmed throughout the cleaning procedure.

Parking under trees

Yes, the shade is a great idea, but the other side to it branches may fall or even bird droppings or potentially acidic pollen that may harm your car paint or harm the engine from the weight of the branch. This could indirectly impact the speed you

Routine checkups at DME Auto

It is recommended you have your Maserati come in for a quick check-up at least once every two months. Our car care experts will give it a full check to see if everything is okay under the hood if the tyres are sufficiently prepped for your many explorations across the UAE. By having a closer check on the tyre pressure, you can enjoy your Maserati’s true speed potential.

That’s a wrap on some suggestions we had to take the very best care of your car in Dubai. If you’re looking for someone to maintain, care for, repair, paint or even just advice you on what to do to keep your Maserati running at the speed it was truly made to go on, contact DME Auto today.