Mercedes-Benz, commonly referred to as Mercedes, is one of the world’s leading automobile brands. Established almost a century ago, Mercedes, with their finely-tuned engines, aren’t just cars. They are intricate machines that offer quality, reliability, performance, safety, and luxury; all at once.

However, to make sure they stay at their peak for longer, you need to invest in regular upkeep. 

You might have noticed many luxury car enthusiasts driving around their stunning Mercedes year after year with no major maintenance issues. What makes it possible is following the manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance along with the basic maintenance tips.

If you wish to prolong the life of your luxury car and cut down on the frequency of visits to a Mercedes car repair in Dubai. This guide to Mercedes car care is for you!

Mercedes Repair and Service by DME Auto
Mercedes Repair and Service by DME Auto

Know Your Mercedes and the Types of Services It Needs

Understanding the unique model and design of your Mercedes car is critical. Carefully read the owner’s manual (yup, that book you tucked away in the glove compartment) as it contains useful information about your car and its maintenance requirements. 

Mercedes cars are equipped with a Maintenance Service Indicator System that sends you an alert when the service date arrives. If you do not take your car for service, you start receiving additional alerts reminding you that it is past due. 

There are two key routine maintenance services that are recommended by Mercedes-Benz, including Mercedes-Benz Service A and Service B.

Mercedes-Benz Service A

Mercedes-Benz Service A is usually the first scheduled maintenance service for a Mercedes car, and is needed every 10, 000 miles or one year. Some of the standard services it includes are –

Mercedes-Benz Service B

Mercedes-Benz Service B is the next scheduled maintenance service for a Mercedes car, and is needed every 20, 000 miles or two years. It includes all the services performed during Mercedes-Benz Service A, but with some additional services, such as –

In general, Mercedes-Benz Service A is a basic maintenance service whereas Mercedes-Benz Service B is a comprehensive service including various additional checks as well as replacements.

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How Often Do You Need To Service Your Mercedes?

You start receiving alerts on the dashboard around a month prior to the service being due. Initially, a service is needed once your car reaches 10, 000 miles. How often you need to service your car depends on the model you drive. For example, you can expect a diesel A-Class model to go longer as compared to a fire-breathing C63 AMG. After the initial servicing called as ‘A’ Service comes the ‘B’ Service which occurs every 20, 000 miles or two years. As discussed above, Service A is usually an oil change along with a few essential safety checks. Service B, on the other hand, includes more extensive checks, such as changing brake fluid, etc. 

Useful Tips for Your Mercedes’ Maintenance

Ever had your gorgeous Mercedes overheat during a road trip? If you have been through the experience, we are sure it wasn’t fun. The good thing is that you can avoid the overheating issue by keeping the engine cool. This usually involves checking the thermostat and radiator.

Also, pay heed to your car’s air filter. It is like the nose of your car and must be kept clean for the car to breathe and work properly. Apart from that, make sure to check and replace the belts as well as hoses as required. You must also check the engine coolant and transmission fluid regularly.

As the most trusted Mercedes car repair centre in Dubai, we at ‘DME Auto Repairing’ understand how much you love your Mercedes. Besides showing the world your great taste in cars, we know you also view it as an investment which can provide you years of luxury and enjoyment. To help you prolong the life of your beloved car and protect your investment, here are some useful car maintenance tips from our experts.

Get regular tune-ups:

Tune-ups help maintain your Mercedes’ performance, prevent breakdowns, and improve fuel efficiency. Follow the scheduled maintenance guidelines mentioned in the owner’s manual.

Keep the car garaged:

A high-end luxury car like Mercedes-Benz is a big investment and must be protected from elements like harmful environmental conditions or external factors that can damage it. One of the easiest ways to do so is to keep it in the garage whenever possible. In case you do not have access to any garage space, consider purchasing a cover to protect it. 

Inspect the brake system:

Your car’s brake system including the brake pads, discs, and calipers must be fine-tuned by a trained Mercedes technician on regular intervals. Typically, it is recommended to get the brakes inspected every 20, 000 miles or whenever you have trouble braking. 

Keep the tyres in good condition:

Underinflated tyres can increase the likelihood of a collision by almost three times. Therefore, it is important to keep the tyres inflated as per the recommended tyre pressure specified in the owner’s manual. Besides, checking the alignment and rotating the tyres every once in a while is also important to keep them in good condition. 

Visit DME Auto Repairing For All Your Mercedes Maintenance Needs 

If you live in or around Dubai and need Mercedes maintenance and repair services at affordable rates, look no further than DME Auto Repairing. We have a team of factory certified technicians and have 10+ years of solid experience working on luxury cars like Mercedes and many others. No matter the Mercedes model you drive, our seasoned technicians can address all its maintenance needs.

To learn more about our Mercedes car repair and maintenance services in Dubai, give us a call @ 058 150 0875 or 052 990 9075.

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