Chevrolet isn’t the new kid on the block. For over a century, the brand has been making top-quality vehicles with the same pursuit of excellence that they started with. Over the years, they have built a reputation that is not just given away, it is earned. So, if you are a Chevrolet owner, we admire your taste but like other cars, Chevrolets also have common repair and maintenance issues. However, that should not stop you from enjoying the classic piece of beauty you own. A trusted Chevrolet repair in Dubai should be able to fix whatever issues your car may be experiencing.

But before that, let’s delve into the top issues you must watch out for as a Chevrolet owner –

Chevrolet service & repair in dubai
Technicians Repairing Chevrolet Cars in DME Auto Workshop

Top Issues of Chevrolet Cars

Passlock problems

A common issue with the Chevrolet Passlock system is that is sometimes wouldn’t let the car start, causing a warning light to illuminate. This is one of the top complaints reported by Chevrolet owners, along with issues of being locked out of their cars. 

Transmission issues

Transmission problems have also been reported in high numbers especially for the recent models of Chevrolet cars, like the Cruz and the Trailblazer. Drivers often experience issues in the Chevy transmission in both the lowest gears and at higher speeds. They also complain about jerking, stuttering, and louse noises before the transmission fails. 

Excessive oil consumption 

We’ve had clients complain about issues with Chevrolet engine as well. Some owners have specifically complained about the oil burning off too fast, causing serious engine damage. Besides, there are many Chevrolet models with interior components that are not designed well enough for withstanding cold weather, resulting in more problems. 

Whether for an engine replacement on a Silverado, issues with lifters on a Suburban or Tahoe, or a complete blow out; Chevrolet owners have to often look for Chevrolet repair centre in Dubai to fix their car engine issues. The faulty parts, if not fixed, can further pose a number of safety risks to the drivers. Additionally, the issues increase the repair cost for the owners and worsen their overall driving experience.

Water Leaks

Water leakage is a common issue in Chevrolet cars; but the most affected is the Equinox. There have been reports of leakage around windows, causing moisture and mistiness. Equinox has issues like broken & leaking sunroofs, which may quickly fill the vehicle’s floor with water if the problem isn’t fixed. Some owners also complain about having water in the trunks because of leakage.

Fuel pump failure

The Chevrolet Blazer, which is a popular Chevrolet model has the peculiar problems of fuel pump failure, faulty distributor, ABS failure, fuel gauge issues, and gas cap problems. The 2000, 1999, 1998, and 1994 models are the most affected by these problems. The most common issue faced by Chevrolet drivers is however fuel pump failure. In case insufficient fuel is supplied from the tank, the Blazer will most likely not even start, causing you to shell out a huge amount on Chevrolet car repair services in Dubai. The 2000 model, in particular, is notorious for transmission issues that could be quite dangerous. It is reported that sometimes the vehicle is unable to enter the reverse gear. 

Locked up steering

Some Chevrolet models have the issue of locked-up steering. When you encounter this problem, try jiggling the steering wheel as a temporary solution. Although it may work for you at that point, it remains a critical issue that must be addressed properly later on. Constant jiggling of the steering wheel can be extremely unsafe and may result in several near misses for the diver.

Instrument problems 

Chevrolet Trailblazers and Silverados have a weak spot when it comes to the instrument panels that they are equipped with. The instrument cluster reportedly fails near the 64,000 mile mark, something that’s quite concerning.  In order to fix it, you need to bin it and get a new one at a quite a steep price. 

Air-Conditioning issues

The Air-Conditioning system on many Chevrolet models is quite fragile. There could be several potential culprits for the insufficient cooling in your car, ranging from an air conditioning compressor that has stopped working to a broken condenser, electrical issues, and many others. Addressing these problems need a professional diagnosis. Certified Chevrolet repair experts in Dubai can help you test the thermostat, troubleshoot electrical issues, and check for the refrigerant leaks to get your Air-Conditioning system back in working order. 

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Delay in getting genuine parts 

Adding to the list of Chevrolet problems, there are lengthy delays in getting the parts needed for the necessary repairs/replacements. Sometimes, Chevrolet owners are required to wait for weeks and months for repairs since the dealers they select cannot get the required parts.

At DME Auto Repairing, we provide our customers with the best Chevrolet repair services in Dubai using genuine spare parts during repairs/replacements. Using authentic parts allows us to preserve the integrity, quality, and performance of your vehicle while we perform the necessary repair work on them.

As the leading auto repair specialists in Dubai, we employ the most advanced car scanning and diagnostics technology to deliver perfection in all our auto services. We are backed by a team factory certified technicians who can address any issue your Chevrolet may have, be it water leaks, fuel pump failure, transmission issues, or any other.

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