Is Your BMW Winter Ready? Here’s How to Prepare It for Cold-Weather Driving!

It is that time of the year again when temperatures go down and preparations get under way for the cold season ahead. While you get ready with your warm clothes and thermals to deal with the winter temps, make sure your stunning ‘bimmer’ is also winter-ready. With today’s busy lifestyles, finding time for preparations can sometimes be difficult, but ensuring that your BMW is ready for the winter season is an essential job to do.

The freezing temperatures, at the very least, can make driving uncomfortable, and at worst, could be dangerous. Luckily, it only takes a few precautions and checks to make winter driving safe and enjoyable. 

So, make sure you are one step ahead of the cold weather by performing some simple checks on your car regardless of its make or age. 

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Why Cold-Weather Driving Prep Matters

The winter season presents its unique challenges that make driving a little difficult. These include low visibility, defogging, impact on the Air Conditioning performance, handling issues, and more.

Preparing your luxury car to deal with whatever challenges the winter season throws at you ensures that you do not have to visit the service centre for BMW car repair in Dubai too often.

The steps that you need to take for making your BMW winter-ready depends on the weather conditions you anticipate; however there are some basics which you must follow without fail.

So let’s get started!

Winter-proof your cabin

One of the best things about driving a BMW during winters is its warm, welcoming atmosphere. BMW cars come with a variety of comfort features ranging from the standard to premium specifications.

You can check with the service centre you usually visit for BMW car service in Dubai to learn about cabin upgrades. BMWs typically come with the following features for winter comfort –

bmw AC Repair & Service
bmw AC Repair & Service

Check the fluid levels

Transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and engine coolant oil – despite performing crucial functions in BMW cars are often overlooked or forgotten by the owners. The dropping temperatures outside often take a toll on the inner workings of a car, making it necessary to regularly check the fluid levels as the winter season sets in. 

For instance, motor oil often thickens in freezing temperatures, making the BMW engine more prone to damage. Experts at DME Auto Repairing suggest switching to thinner oil during the colder months so that the moving parts of the engine remain well-lubricated. 

When you bring your BMW to DME Auto Repairing for seasonal maintenance, the experts check if the fluid levels are as per recommended guidelines and replenished if required. In case you aren’t sure of which oil to pick for your BMW for winter driving, they can also recommend the right one for you.

Check the exterior lights

Take a walk around your car when you turn it on in the morning to check if all the lights are functioning properly. It’s that time of the year when it is dark outside during early mornings when most people head out as well as in the evenings when they are returning home.

Hence, maintaining good visibility is extremely important in the winter season. All the exterior lights of your BMW must be in a good working order, including the headlights, fog lamps, turn signals, and tail lights. They all must be tested for proper alignment and effective brightness so that your winter driving is as safe as possible. 

If you are not sure about how to check your BMW’s lights for proper visibility, bring your car to DME Auto Repairing for servicing, where trained and certified automotive experts will perform all the necessary light checks on your car, and replace the fuses or bulbs if required. 

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Test the battery 

Expect your car’s battery to take a real beating in the winter season. With the headlights turned on both during the mornings and evenings thanks to shorter days, & with heated seats, heated steering wheels, and electric defrosters being used for a longer time, there’s a lot of strain on the battery. Hence, when preparing your BMW for winter driving, make sure that its battery is in top condition. Check if the connections of the battery are corrosion-free and has the water it requires.

Also, car batteries must be replaced every few years depending on the usage. Generally, if the battery is over three years old, it is time to visit a BMW car repair centre in Dubai to check its ability to hold a charge. 

You can consider getting yours checked at DME Auto Repairing, where we have a team of well-trained experts to service your car batteries, handling everything from checking fluid levels to replacing the battery if needed.  

Examine the tyre pressure

As it gets colder, your car’s tyre pressure may experience a drop too. In case it does not return to normal pressure quickly when you are driving, it may be an indication to add more air to it. Driving a car with an underinflated tyre leads to poor handling and other issues.

If your BMW’s TPMS system sends incorrect pressure readings and erroneous warnings, visit DME Auto Repairing to get your tyre pressure monitoring system examined.  The sooner you take care of your BMW’s winter maintenance needs, the better equipped you will be to deal with the potential challenges.

At DME Auto Repairing, we make sure your beloved luxury car is all set for the chilly winter by performing the necessary checks, including checking the heating system, checking the tyre tread, examining the battery, inspecting the engine coolant, ensuring the fluids are at the recommended levels, etc. As the go-to BMW car repair centre in Dubai, we are widely recognised for our exceptional services, quick turnaround times, and affordable pricing.

Contact us to learn more about our full line of repair and maintenance services. Call @ 058 150 0875 or 052 990 9075.

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