5 Car Repair Mistakes That Will Cost You Thousands

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5 Car Repair Mistakes That Will Cost You Thousands

Car maintenance errors can put you in a hazardous way wasting a lot of time and money of yours. Most of the people have been noticed to make three major mistakes i.e. ignorance, overconfidence, and negligence. 

Whether it is about starting your car battery or filling engine oil, regular maintenance is something that you can’t avoid. A few things like topping up car engine oil or replacing a spark plug come under DIY categories, but sensitive repairs must not be taken in your own hands. Professional help in car repairing might seem expensive but is the only way to do it more safely. Below is the list of few most common 5 car repair mistakes that may cause a huge money loss to you, so you must never try it yourself:

  • Using the wrong fluid

If the engine is designed for a specific fuel type, and you are using some different fuel types, it may not seem the best choice. Too heavy fluid may risk higher engine loads, high fuel consumption. On the other hand, too light fluid can generate the risk of insufficient oil pressure and oil burning. Using the wrong fluid such as brake fluid, engine coolant, or transmission fluid can cause damage and poor performance. For this, you must use the engine oil or other fluid as specified by the carmaker. Also, the quantity of fuel or engine oil must be as per the specifications.

  • Engine Diagnostics

It is not advisable to do all your car repairs on your own. Engine diagnosis is one of those sensitive areas that must be handled very carefully. So, here professional help is required. Modern electrical components are much more than a usual fix. Many connections are running from one end to another such as sensors, computers plugged in, and other connectors running across. All of these repairs need the use of specialized mechanical tools to get the correct diagnosis and repair.

  • Forget to rotate tires and check the air pressure

If you don’t rotate tires and check the air pressure on a regular basis, it can cause uneven tread wear and worsen the tires, which ultimately leads to many potential problems such as suspension parts, the strain on steering, uneven traction while driving. Most professional automobile repair experts do it for a nominal charge. Also, you can do it yourself but must be done carefully. 

Air temperature influences tire inflation, so even if the tire is not leaking the air, it still needs to be checked as the weather keeps changing throughout the year.

  • Overlooking wear on brake pads

Everything from brakes, tires, light bulbs, engine, and transmission to other different internals wears out over time. Low tire pressure and tire wear must not be ignored as these can be fatal. Regular inspection is essential to avoid collateral damage or crash. For this, you must have inspected your car at least monthly from some professional technicians. By regularly replacing brake pads, you can save a lot of money as brake pads will last longer when changed on a regular basis. On the other hand, if left until completely worn, they will get scratched. Preserving brake rotors will save money in the long run.

  • Car Cosmetics

Car cosmetics such as applying body paint in the car require a clear work line. Car body paints have toxic and poisonous chemicals. Working on car cosmetics requires training for a safe car cosmetics working environment. Car body paint is a harmful and time-consuming task if not done properly. The probability of doing it right on your own is very less i.e. nearly impossible. Bad car paint will result in the ugly appearance of your vehicle. Without adequate preparation and safety measures, car painting is very much unsafe. 

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