If you drive an Audi, you drive the finest example of German engineering in automobiles. To make sure your luxury car stays in a tip-top shape and runs as smoothly as new, regular maintenance is vital. An as Audi owner, given below are some simple tips you must follow for maintaining your Audi –

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1. Watch Out For Signs of Improper Brake Functioning

The brakes are one of the hardest working parts of an Audi vehicle that require regular inspection. Generally, it is recommended to change brake fluids every two to three years, or 30,000 km to maintain proper brake function. There are many warning signs of improper brake function that you must watch out for, such as the varying humming sounds with changing car speed, which is indicative of wheel bearing issues that can either be fixed through repair or replacement depending on how serious the damage is.

2. Check the Wheel Alignment

Having the wheels of your Audi aligned regularly is also an essential part of car maintenance. Wheel alignment is a simple process that involves checking all bearings, balls joints, tyres, and other suspension parts to find out what exactly needs to be repaired or replaced. Some of the warning signs your Audi needs a wheel alignment are its steering wheel pulling you either left or right, the tyre treads wearing unevenly, etc.

3. Change the Car Oil Regularly

Car oil is one of the most important elements which keep the vital gears of your car running smoothly. Regular oil changes help flushes out the fluids of your car’s system, which avoids breakdowns and keeps it running efficiently. So, be aware of your Audi’s oil status to see if it needs a fill or not. As every Audi model has a different oil grade recommendation, check the required variant for your specific model as well.

4. Examine the Tyres for Wear

Tyre pressure problems can lead to dire consequences on the road and shouldn’t be taken lightly. To know the condition of your car tyres, examine them for wear or other issues at least once a month. Your Audi will also warn you of the pressure loss through a display warning on the onboard monitor. Do not ignore this warning and fix the problem immediately.

5. Keep the Air Filter Clean

For your luxury car to deliver the high performance it is known for, you need to make sure that its air filter provides free flowing air with no allergens or other harmful elements in your car. The air filter often gets clogged over time with the accumulation of dirt and debris, resulting in poor performance. By cleaning it regularly, you can make sure it works properly.

6.Test the Car Battery 

Test your Audi’s battery every 3,000 miles or three months. To maintain its battery life, have regular checks – during oil change, minor repairs, or when you visit a service centre for routine maintenance. In case you do not ride that often, try to take out the car at least once a week even if it’s only for a short drive. This would recharge it which is certainly better than letting the battery drain while your car sits in the garage.

7. Get Your Car Serviced Regularly

A regular Audi car service ensures that all the parts of your vehicle, such as brakes, tyres, steering, and lights are in optimal condition. If they are not, the relevant issues are immediately brought to your attention and fixed by the experts.

Follow the aforementioned Audi maintenance tips and feel free to visit DME Auto Repairing for the recommended service schedule or for any car repair issues you may have at any given point. As the most trusted auto repair specialists in Dubai, we provide specialized car repair and maintenance services keeping in mind the specific requirements of our customers. Come visit us today and see the difference!