BMWs have always been the driver’s machine due to their excellent craftsmanship, efficiency, and aesthetics. Although they are a pleasure to drive, the climate control not working properly can often result in an unpleasant experience. Therefore, to keep your BMW performing at its best, maintaining its climate control system is vital.

Some useful tips to follow for maintaining your BMW’s Air Conditioning and Heating Unit –

bmw AC Repair & Service
bmw AC Repair & Service

Check Refrigerant Levels and Recharge If Needed

One of the problems that plague the AC system in BMWs is diminished cooling capacity. It is common to see the air conditioning system struggling a little during a heat wave; however it should not falter frequently. If it does, may be its time to top it off with a new refrigerant. Sometimes, it could even be a sign of a refrigerant leakage. 

Keep the Air Filter Clean

The air filter in your BMW’s AC unit helps ensure that it blows out clean air in the car. However, dust and debris accumulate in the filter over time, obstructing the flow of cold air. To prevent clogging in the filter, make sure to clean it regularly.

Maintain the Compressor

Do you often hear squealing noises from your car’s AC unit? And do you barely get any air from the vents? If so, the reason could be a faulty compressor. The AC compressor is one of the most important components of your car’s climate control. To keep it running efficiently, examine it regularly so that issues, if any, can be detected and fixed in a timely manner.

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Inspect the Valves and Hoses

Valves and hoses are important parts of your BMW’s Air Conditioning and Heating Unit. If they are damaged or loose, the HVAC controls will not function properly. Leakages can occur and the entire system will be affected. Check them regularly to see if they’re in a good condition. If not, get them repaired or replaced.

Use the Right Coolant

Using the right coolant in your car’s Air Conditioning and Heating system is essential to keep it running optimally. Using the wrong coolant may cause minor issues in the beginning but may totally damage the system over time. To find out which coolant you should be using in your BMW model, check the owner’s manual or get in touch with a BMW service centre.

Check for Coolant Leaks

A coolant leak can significantly impact the functioning of your BMW’s Air Conditioning and Heating system. Some of the warning signs indicating a coolant leak in your car are –

If you notice any of these signs in your car, get a coolant leak diagnosis done immediately. Generally, it is recommended to have a coolant service every 30,000 miles. During a coolant service, the old coolant which has lost its ability to dissipate heat is drained & is replaced with the new coolant.

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